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Our two areas of specialization:

Eliminate Overwhelm starting TODAY

You're a smart, successful high-achieving woman and you're ambitious.

You're the go-to gal and you get sh*t done...period.


Truth is, you're more connected to your work than your loved ones most times.  


You don't have any time off because you're always working (in fact, you should probably get paid for working while you sleep because you're always thinking about work)

Your health is starting to be affected and months and years are flying by. You're worried about your future, you're missing out on life and it feels like you're on a hamster wheel you can't get off. 


And...you don't know how to change it except to think about quitting your job and that's really not an option.  


Everyone thinks you have it all together but on the inside, 

you're overwhelmed, tired and worried about burn out. 


We can help you change this with our proven signature strategies that have helped so many high performers like you.


Ready to LEVEL UP your Professional Life

You're a high performer and you've done some amazing things in your life and you want to move to the next level and beyond

It's beyond time to fulfill your goals. You don't want anything standing your way.


Scenario 1: You are actually doing well and you want to keep it that way BUT the feelings of fear, doubt or worry are creeping around and you want to make sure they don't get in the way. Possible self-sabotage and fear of the unknown are popping up and you want them gone because you don't want to fall backwards.

Scenario 2: You have done well in your career, you know your stuff and you're always learning...but you're not getting the promotions you want. You keep doing what they ask you but you're being passed by. You have thoughts about going independent (following your dream) or changing jobs but that's scary as hell. 

Scenario 3: You're an entrepreneur and feel you have all the right strategies in place...but you're getting inconsistent results. You keep learning more marketing tactics that work for others but not for you. You wonder if there's something wrong with you when the problem really is you're using only external rather than internal strategies.


We can help you with either of these areas with our 

proven signature strategies and specific programs  

that have helped so many high performers like you.

Book your complimentary call to discuss strategies and whether we can help you. No pressure.

Get Your Time Back    |

Create Balance

|    Feel Like YOU Again

No Limits Business, led by Karen Luniw is a community and set of tools and resources for high achieving business women. Whether you're dealing with overwhelm and burnout or feeling stalled in your personal or business life and want to move further, faster then the No Limits programs are designed specifically for you.

The No Limits Process is Simple...


First thing we do is identify what you want to achieve and what’s getting in the way. Is it a strategic or mindset challenge, or both. 


Our job is to help you shift to that which helps you reach our goals.


Next we show you very specific tools and help you to integrate these tools & strategies into your daily life.


Now that you know what’s holding you back and how to use the tools to eliminate that, now it’s time to align fully with what you want.


We’ll take you through the process of identifying the steps you need to take to attract what you want and need in your life and work.




Once you clear out what’s been holding you back and you are aligning more powerfully with your goals – next we help you to leverage your amazing skills and experience so you can shine the way you were always meant to in your work and life.


All with more ease than you thought possible.


No Limits Programs


No Limits


This is our 12 week intensive group program to eliminate overwhelm and kick burn out to the curb quickly. This program is for women Entrepreneurs & Executives who are serious about getting this challenge handled.

Through a combination of group calls, online modules and community we share how to take your time back, create balance and feel like yourself again.


No Limits


This is our 12 week intensive group program to level up your business and personal life quickly. This program is for Entrepreneurs & Executives who are serious about transcending to a whole new dimension.

Through a combination of group calls, online modules and community we share how to take quantum leaps towards your goals.


No Limits


In this Mastermind we will help accelerate your results and take your personal and professional life to a whole new level and keep up the momentum you've put in place


This Mastermind is for graduates of Shine or Accelerator Programs with access to the weekly live Q&A's and Office Hours for 6 and 12 month packages.

This is Who We Work With...

Executives & Rising Execs

Entrepreneurs &

Business Owners


Sales Professionals

This is What We Work On...

Build More Confidence


On the outside, everyone thinks you have it totally together. On the inside, sometimes you feel like a fraud or at least, not as confident as you should...



Stay on Track & Grow


Thousands of distractions keeping you from what you really want? Do you get caught up in the day-to-day minutia? Feel like you're losing ground to what you really want?


Navigate Relationships & Business Politics

Do you sometimes feel like you're on a totally different wavelength? Could you use some help navigating the ins & outs of internal politics & relationship dynamics?


Become More Visible


Getting the next promotion or next client is important to you and you know you need to be more visible for that to happen. Putting yourself 'out there' may seem scary or pretentious and it really is the last thing you want to do but you know it's necessary. How do you do it authentically?



Communicating Effectively


You speak well and may even speak publicly but do you always speak effectively and from your heart with your team? Your boss? Your clients?


Does it feel scary...you bet. One wrong move and career is over, right? Wrong!




Overwhelm & Burnout

There are literally a million things to do and because you're the go-to gal - the tasks keep piling up. 

The work day goes by in a flash and when you're home with your loved ones you know you're not present. 


How do you fix this before you burn out or quit?


This is What We Do Together...

Strategies & Tools

With over 20 years in the corporate field working at C-level and management levels with staff & on front lines - Karen shares the tools she has developed as well as over 60 other tools & techniques. 

As a result you receive a customized solution based on your specific goals

Proven Techniques

Our clients have experienced amazing success. Karen moves people out of being stuck into a higher level of operating and being and into a whole new reality that they now call the 'new normal' 

Infinite possibilities await!




It is our embedded stories that slow us down that we aren't aware of. Karen is highly skilled (and intuitive) at recognizing what is blocking her clients and shares a perspective that is often not previously thought of which changes everything.





For the past 14 years our motivated clientele have increased their income, acted on eye-popping 'out of the blue' opportunities and create the life their dreams consistently.

Wouldn't you like that too?




About Us

Karen Luniw


Karen started her business in 2006 with what became a Top 10 podcast in Self-Help (for 13 years!) that led her into a very successful coaching/consulting practice.


Her experience at C-Suite level, Management and Board positions to HR, has allowed Karen to bring all her business experience to meld it with her uncanny intuition to create programs and coach high achieving women (and some men) Executives & Entrepreneurs to overcome overwhelm and whatever blocks them from achieving their next level of success.

Karen has worked with C-Suite, VP's, Lawyers, Doctors, Actors, Producers, top Sales pros, Financial Advisors and even a staff member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States (44)

Karen has been featured in the Huffington Post, HuffPo Live, appeared on Global TV, featured in The Financial Post, The Vancouver Sun, radio, print,  many telesummits and is a sought after speaker for business and women’s groups.

More about Karen here

 Geoff Mintenko





As a renowned business strategist, skateboarder and mentor, Geoff Mintenko’s passion shines bright when he is helping others grow themselves and/or their business. Sparking innovation, inspiration and igniting positive change is how he rolls!


His expertise in business development, mindset and marketing is second to none. Geoff’s realspeak direct approach attitude has garnered him acclaim throughout North America and beyond.


The articles he’s written and the podcasts he’s produced continually stimulate and educate, always fostering a climate of culture, creativity and caring.This dog loving, soul surfer, believes the work we do and how we help others grow will leave a legacy of greatness to those that cross our paths.


Geoff gets as excited today in helping others in life and in business as he did back in the day, when he did his first “Ollie” (a no hands arial to non-skateboarders). 




Chili & Pepper (l-r) 
Chief Time Keepers


If you hadn't guessed already, Karen and Geoff are not only business partners but life partners as well with two fur babies - Chili & Pepper.  We have fun together and love helping others to live their dream life, too!



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